become wealthier in hong kong

5 things you should do now to become wealthier in Hong Kong.

You’re making HKD 100,000+ per month and it’s a lifestyle many could only dream of. And yet, you're struggling to become wealthy.

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buy property in hong kong

Buy Property in Hong Kong. Is it now a good time to invest?

So you are considering whether to buy property Hong Kong. We review the current property market situation in Hong Kong.

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uk pensions

What are the benefits of consolidating my various UK Pension Plans from previous employers?

Whereas before you had one or two old age pensions from your employers, which, thanks to high interest rates, now it's different.

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UK Taxes

UK Taxes: When is capital gains tax applied vs inheritance tax when a property is inherited?

On an inherited property, when is inheritance tax (IHT) applied, and when is capital gains tax (CGT) applied?

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uk taxes

UK Taxes: Is inheritance tax fair?

Discuss the basic mechanisms of inheritance tax (IHT) and a few things that you can do to minimise your estate’s inheritance tax bill.

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inheritance tax

How does inheritance tax in the UK work?

It turns out that with proper planning, there are several ways to minimise your tax bill.

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