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Concerned about your UK pension losing real value post Brexit?

  • If you are living abroad and have a UK pension download our FREE guide and discover how to protect your wealth and save on tax.

  • Post Brexit UK defined benefit schemes deficit now stands at £900 billion. Is your scheme underfunded?

  • Get your Pension out of the UK and avoid 45% tax.

  • A QROPS is a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme which is established outside the UK and offers some serious advantages. It allows you to receive the transfer of benefits from your UK Pension without incurring any charges for unauthorised payments.

  • Our FREE QROPS guide provides everything you need to know about UK Pension Transfers if you live abroad or a foreign national with a British pension.

The Benefits- How You Can Grow Future Wealth


  • Access your Pension at 55


    Don’t wait until you’re 65. Start taking an income and/or lump sum from your pension at 55 years of age

  • Wide Range of Choices


    • Choose a currency that’s right for you
    • No need to buy an annuity
    • Widest range of global investment funds
    • Higher Income levels



    • Payments made to your free of UK income tax
    • Avoid 45% inheritance tax and ensure remaining funds are left to your
      beneficiaries free of tax

  • 25-30% Tax free lump sum


    Up to 30% tax free lump sum can be taken from QROPS at retirement age, whilst only 25% can be taken in the UK



The process

  • A licensed financial advisor will obtain current pension valuations on your behalf.
  • An independent actuarial firm will analyse the pension schemes.
  • A report will be provided for you to review and consider your options.

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  • I have been working with Chris since 2015 and have transferred my two pension funds into his care. Chris has brought a much better balance into my portfolio, spreading risk but also introducing some new opportunities. I thoroughly recommend Chris and always feel that he puts my best interests first.

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Chris has 9 years’ experience as a UK pension specialist and licensed financial advisor. He specialises in helping clients make balanced financial decisions to grow their personal wealth.

Chris is licensed with Globaleye, an award-winning international financial advisory firm established in 1999, with 10 offices and 15,000 clients worldwide.