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  • Chris became my financial advisor when I arrived in Hong Kong in January 2014. Chris is a highly committed and professional person you like to speak with. Working with Chris means trust and tranquility. He will bring you accurate and relevant advice whenever you want. Secondly, Chris is a kind person always listening you. I can highly recommend working with him.

    Charly Limou

    Managing Partner / Freelog, Asia Pacific
  • I have been working with Chris for a year now and I recently transferred my two pension funds into his care. I started working with Chris primarily on alternative investments and he has brought a much better balance into my portfolio, spreading risk but also introducing some new high yield opportunities. I thoroughly recommend Chris and always feel that he puts my best interests first.

    Philip Courtenay

    SVP Apparel Sourcing / Adidas Hong Kong
  • ‪Chris Land has been my financial advisor since late 2010. During this time we’ve met regularly to review my portfolio and I’ve received well timed and candid advice. He has also introduced me to some interesting and profitable alternative investment opportunities. I’m pleased with the level of service, expertise and professionalism Chris provides.

    Janice Lee

    Senior Associate / Stephenson Harwood, Hong Kong
  • Chris Land has been a valued partner in the management of my wealth strategy. His professionalism and attention to detail in identifying strategic opportunities is of a first class nature. He continues to be a key resource in the ongoing management of my wealth strategy.

    Jason McClintock

    Head of Client Management & FX Dealing / American Express, Australia
  • I have used Chris for more than four years and have always found his input insightful and his diligence in servicing my portfolio has been much appreciated. From my experience, he has a good understanding of what a client really needs and matches that with integrity in servicing the relationship – something that can’t be said for some financial advisors in this town (also speaking from experience).

    Godfrey Oyeniran

    Equity Specialist & Life Coach / Hong Kong
  • I have known Chris Land since 2010, and have always been extremely pleased with the guidance he has given me, including a couple of investments which have produced excellent returns. He is is extremely open and allows his clients to the time to make considered decisions. In particular, expats who are looking to build on their savings and assets whilst in Asia, in preparation for returning home, would find him an excellent source of advice.

    Ian Campbell

    Hedge Fund Credit, Hong Kong


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  • Who is Chris Land?

    Chris Land is British and graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1998. After graduating, he worked for two FTSE 250 listed companies in London for nine years helping clients make balanced financial decisions. This is where Chris quickly established a good reputation amongst his clients for providing profitable bespoke solutions.

    After taking a sabbatical and traveling around Asia in 2007, Chris saw the opportunity in the Eastern financial markets and made the decision to move to Hong Kong. Here he became an independent financial advisor. He excelled at building a strong client base by way of referrals and introductions from his satisfied clients. As a highly respected advisor, in 2010 Chris was asked to speak at the IFA Asia Pacific industry conference in Singapore. In December 2011 Chris was headhunted and moved to Globaleye, Hong Kong along with his business development team. As a multi-award winning wealth management firm, Globaleye recruits the highest quality and knowledgeable professionals in the industry.

    Chris Land provides his clients with a broader choice of tailor made investment options including pensions, investments, property and insurance.  He maintains quality long-term client relationships with a real focus on personal service. Plan Your Finances was started by Chris and his team in 2015 and provides valuable information via weekly blogs on current financial topics. In his spare time, Chris actively participates in outdoor sports. Recent endeavours include summiting Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, hiking trips to Everest and Annapurna Base Camps in Nepal and cycling in Mongolia.

  • What is Plan Your Finances?

    Plan Your Finances is an information-based website for busy professionals seeking ways to invest their hard-earned money and achieve financial freedom. The aim of the site is to provide free, expert advice and insights to help people make sound financial decisions that go towards achieving a better retirement, higher investment growth, passive income and financially protecting loved ones. Plan Your Finances was set up by Chris Land and his team in 2015.