Financial Planning Hong Kong – Top 10 Financial Planning tips in Hong Kong

Financial planning in Hong Kong is essential – it is one of the most expensive cities in the world, and salaries are also high, so for expats it can be an excellent opportunity to build up a nest-egg. Unfortunately, many people, because they don’t plan, end up just spending their high salaries and have nothing […]

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To start off, can you tell us a bit about your background? What passions do you have apart from finance? I have always been in client facing / relationship management roles since graduating in 1998. My first job was in London, working as an account manager for an FTSE-listed firm. From a young age, I […]

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Planning for Children’s education fees

Planning for Children’s education fees – Hong Kong

Children’s education fees in Hong Kong are among the highest in the world, ranging from HK$70,000 to 220,000 (or US$9,000 to 28,000) per year, for leading English-language schools, meaning that planning for Children’s education fees need to be factored into your financial planning, just like any other major commitment, like acquiring property. Some expats  have […]

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Brexit QROPS

QROPS Brexit – QROPS is an alternative to a UK Pension

With leading newspaper headlines announcing that UK pension schemes are at breaking-point post-Brexit, it is important to analyse your options carefully. One interesting possibility, depending on your situation, are QROPS – Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes. So, let’s consider your QROPS Brexit options. To start, let’s review why Brexit puts Pensions at risk. First, pensions […]

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Brexit Impact on Pound – What does the falling pound mean for your personal finances?

Brexit impact on Pound, that’s the topic on everybody’s mind. So, what does it mean for your personal finances – for your savings, investments and mortgage? Brexit fallout has been intense. From $1.46 at the time of the referendum, Sterling has fallen to $1.21 – a drop of 17%. Interestingly it is quite close to […]

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How to double your monthly investment property income through AirBNB

With stamp-duty surcharges on buy-to-let UK properties, making an adequate return has become a little more challenging. On the other hand, there are now fantastic ways to boost your income from property – particularly leveraging AirBNB. Here’s how to double your monthly investment income using it:   Buy the right sort of property for AirBNB. […]

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