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How to double your monthly investment property income through AirBNB

With stamp-duty surcharges on buy-to-let UK properties, making an adequate return has become a little more challenging. On the other hand, there are now fantastic ways to boost your income from property – particularly leveraging AirBNB. Here’s how to double your monthly investment income using it:   Buy the right sort of property for AirBNB. […]

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how to make money in uk property post-brexit-referendum

How to make money from UK property post-Brexit-referendum?

The unthinkable has happened, and British voters opted to leave the EU, and this was a surprise for most experts... So what does that mean for UK property?

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buy property in hong kong

Buy Property in Hong Kong. Is it now a good time to invest?

So you are considering whether to buy property Hong Kong. We review the current property market situation in Hong Kong.

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tenant doesn't pay rent

My tenant doesn’t pay rent – What should I do?

It’s any landlord’s worst nightmare. You rent out the property, all goes well and then… the tenant doesn't pay rent. Don't panic, we have the answers.

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invest in property with $50,000

Invest in property with $50,000 – Is it still possible?

With interest rates on bonds and savings accounts at very low levels, many of us would like to invest in property with $50,000 to improve their returns.

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Property Market - What are the best opportunities?

Property Market – What are the best opportunities?

On any given day you can read forecasts from prestigious economists about what direction the property market is going in, but should you trust them?

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